How to Order Challenge Coins from Challenge Coins 4 U

How to Order Challenge Coins from Challenge Coins 4 U
December 15, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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Tips on Ordering from Challenge Coins 4 U


When it comes to ordering a challenge coin, the stakes are a bit different. You have to provide us with every little detail of your order; from your chosen metal, enamel, size and shape all the way to down to the minute aspects of the design.

But apart from that, you have to give us a challenge, something that would really make us proud of what we made. In simple words, something that’s worth the price tag.

And here’s how you can do just that!

Tell us about the Occasion

Sure, we could still make a coin with the basic details of the design. But if you really want your coin to be utterly unique and special, then we’ll need all the help we can get. Give us a little back story, what you want to promote, who the coin is for. Are you a corporation or just an individual looking for a special gift for a veteran? With all this information in mind, the designer/artist will do all they can to make sure that the coin exceeds your expectations.

Add a Personal Touch

Challenge Coins 4 U offers customization services for all those who want more personal designs. You could choose to improve upon one of the designs we already have or make something completely unique. And if you’re not sure what the basics are, you can always ask a representative or read our blogs to catch up on the latest designs.

Be Creative with Your Design

If you’ve chosen our customization services, then nothing should stop you from going nuts with the design. Instead of choosing a circular shape, go with a hexagon challenge coin. Or have an emblem and some phrases, dates added to it with edgier borders. Your designer will welcome the challenge.

Make Full Use of the Canvas

Don’t forget; every coin has two sides. So take advantage of it. If you’re having the coin made as a gift, add the date, the occasion, a special message and your name on the other side. Or (again), make it look distinct by adding those details around a designed insignia.

Contact Us!

Interested in having a beautiful challenge coin designed?

Contact us at 1 844 270 0400. As one of the best custom challenge coin maker, Challenge Coins 4 U is ready to take your order!