Custom Challenge Coins

Step 1: Submit Your Pictures Or Ideas 

Submit Your Idea

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Submit Your Ideas

We accept all major file types. As long as we know what kind of design you want, we can help you. We also welcome drawings and sketches. If you can dream it, we can design it. We make it easy for you to submit your ideas, and then we send you a digital Proof. We offer free artwork and design. So sit back and relax while we design your coin. Artwork typically is completed within 24 to 48 hours. You can submit all your ideas for your coin design by filling out our quote form.

Step 2: Choose A Shape

Choose Your Shape

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Choose Your Shape

Choose what shape you would like your coin to be. We do not charge extra for custom shapes!

Here is how we create a custom shape: we take a circular mold, and we machine cut away to give the “coin” the shape that you desire, again available to you at no extra cost. So you can expect a high quality coin each time. Please make sure to specify your custom coin preference when you are filling out our free quote form.

Step 3: Pick Your Finish

Pick Your Finish

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Custom Challenge Coins Lapil Metal Plating

Step 4: Choose Your Options

Custom Challenge Coins Coin Finish

Step 5: Start Your Quote

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