September 17, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)



The 13th of every October is marked as the anniversary of the United States Navy wing. Abbreviated as the USN, it is a branch of the United States Armed Forces. It holds the claim for being one of the seven uniformed armed forces of the country. The naval wing of the United States boasts for being the largest and most powerful Navy in the world as on date. In terms of human resources, there are about 340,000 soldiers on active duty and more than 70,000 personnel in the Reserve.



The first-ever American naval Force came into effect on October 13, 1755. The journey of the armed Force has been long and prestigious ever since its formation. For a considerable 50 years, between 1922 and 1972, October 27 was celebrated as navy birthday, as a tribute to the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Then it was changed back to October 13, because it made more sense to celebrate on the date of the first formal action constitutionalizing a naval force.


At the time of its formation, it was called the Continental Navy. Back then, it only had a small fleet of ships, but today it has risen to be the largest navy force with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage. Two years after the American Revolution, the Force named “Continental Navy” came to an inevitable end.


In 1972, Admiral Zumwalt, Chief of Naval Operations, declared the official holiday on October 13 in an attempt to honour navy servants, inclusive of past soldiers and present personnel. However, this day is not a national holiday. It is only an internal celebration by the Defense Force. It is the day that acknowledges the achievements of one of the oldest forces under the command of the President.



The day is celebrated with so much joy by organizing various events like luncheons, parades, fitness events, speeches, etc. You can even go on a tour of Navy Installation on their birthday. Cake cutting, which is mandatory for any birthday, is done for Navy birthday as well. And the celebration is never complete without a performance by the Navy Band. Bell ringing, signing of anchors and social media engagement are seen as highlights of the birthday celebrations.




  1. The first design for submarines was laid out in 1875, and the plan was implemented in 1898.
  2. Modern battleships came into Force in the early 1900s.
  3. The year 1911 marks the purchase of the first Naval Aircraft. It was a Curtiss A-1 Triad.
  4. Rubber boats of the inflatable kind were used for SEALs in the 1990s as the Navy saw potential in its all-weather applicability and high speed. Originally, it was intended to be lifeboats in the 1960s. But the Navy wouldn’t miss any opportunity for innovation.



The USN turns 244 this year. The Force has the complete layout for the country’s protection on the naval front. Their requirements in terms of weapons, ships and other related technology are perfectly taken care of by the Government. It is a proud body under the President’s command.