Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins – Characteristic Military Coins

Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins – Characteristic Military Coins
February 8, 2023 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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Custom Marine Challenge Coins Honor the Corps

Our team is proud to collaborate with Marines from all over the world to design unique unit coins that recognize bravery and comradery. While some Marine Corps challenge coins are created for jarheads on active service, others are created for veterans and nonprofit groups. Although they all have various designs, styles, and alternatives, they are all ultimately intended to honor what it means to be a Marine.

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Semper Fidelis is the Marine Corps’ guiding principle. Its meaning, Always Faithful, perfectly captures the fidelity and unbreakable relationships shared among Marines. They are renowned as a limitless, brave, and extremely capable military force all throughout the world. A Marine is defined by his or her unwavering loyalty to the Corps and to his or her fellow Marines, and this trait is always reflected in the designs of a United States Marine Corps coin.

We make it simple to create unique challenge coins!

Various Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coin Types

Our creative team may include whatever symbols, logos, or mottos a team has in mind. Custom military coins are available in any size or style imaginable. This incorporates the well-known Marines’ eagle, globe, and anchor insignia. When replicating any type of insignia, we employ the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure that the finished coin is a perfect match to the established image of an institution. The PMS 187C hue of red, which has been associated with the Marine Corps since its founding, is used in numerous special Marine Corps challenge coins that we assist in creating.

The appearance of different color enamel used in various plating techniques will vary slightly. This is a result of how light interacts with various metal plating styles and how colors contrast with one another. Our art and sales teams are glad to assist in finding the ideal harmony of color, plating, and other custom options like edge and engraving to get the ideal design because they have experience designing a variety of different Marine Corps challenge coins. Although gold plating and the renowned 187C red are the most popular combination for Marine Corps challenge coins, we have made unique unit coins for marines with a variety of various plating and coloring options.

Some of our customers decide to develop bespoke shape coins with detailed 3D components and distinctive edging options to produce truly distinctive designs. Though developing a 3D design gives a set of personalized military challenge coins tremendous depth and detail, 2D designs are still more than capable of producing exquisitely intricate designs. Everything depends on the style you favor. Ask our sales team how your Marine Corps challenge coins would look with several options like 3D, 2D, dual plating, translucent color, custom edging, and any other options you think may benefit the design as we offer free limitless revisions.

How to Begin Making Your Own Custom Challenge Coins

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Customers may easily produce a coin using our quick and easy approach. Give us a call or fill out one of our free quote forms first, whichever you prefer. Both methods are quick and provide our sales and art staff a good understanding of the design and customization choices you want for your Marine challenge coin. It’s acceptable if you are unsure of the kind of art or the type of challenge coins you require. We’re eager to share ideas that our knowledgeable staff thinks will result in the best coin design.

If you are certain of the coin you want, you can download our challenge coin design template and add your own ideas to it. You have two options for adding text and images: either print the template out and doodle your ideas on the paper, or add them digitally. In either case, making use of the template is a fantastic method to provide our creative team with a clear understanding of your ideas. In the end, anything you send in will be sufficient to start.

Using the Top Custom Coin Maker Online, Create Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Custom Marine Corps challenge coins are a staple of our team’s special projects. We are proud to have played a little role in a Marine’s journey by assisting them in creating the ideal coins to use in battle. You’ve found the ideal place if you’re looking for a custom coin company to assist you in making something unique for your team.

The caliber of our products reflects the pride we have in our work. Our coins are delivered in an industry-leading turnaround time of 14 days or less, and every buyer receives a 100% quality guarantee on their order. A few ideas and an open mind are all you need to get going. Within 24 to 48 hours of submitting one of our estimate forms, our art team will have your first complimentary proof of artwork prepared.

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