Army Personalized Military Challenge Coins

Army Personalized Military Challenge Coins
February 6, 2023 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)

Custom challenge coins have served as a sign of pride, achievement, and distinction ever since they were originally used in the military. Through commitment and excellence in their work, soldiers receive specific unit coins, and the collection of military coins they amass through time serves as a tribute to their individual accomplishments and experiences. All Army coins share a common sense of honor and pride in duty, whether they are personalized coins given out by officers or ones made expressly for a squad.  lkjefljkse

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The Perfect Military Challenge Coin: What Constitutes It?
If you take a short glance at the history of challenge coins, you’ll discover that the Army’s 17th Infantry used unit coins for the first time in the Korena War, according to official records. Every branch of the military today has its share of iconic challenge coins, but Army challenge coins are renowned for being the most varied in terms of design, size, and shape.

The Army continues to produce personalized designs, each with a distinct sense of individuality and character, in the same spirit as the first-ever unit coins, by focusing on team culture and unit history. An excellent place to start when searching for the ideal design is with a team’s mascot and insignia, as seen on several of our favorite Army challenge coins.

We make it simple to create unique challenge coins!

Creating a Unique Army Coin Design

Concentrating on what makes your team special will help you locate the ideal inspiration for a personalized coin design. Just like a set of specially minted Army coins from a brigade or Army Air Corps will be exclusive to their respective teams, Army Ranger challenge coins will each have their own distinct personality.

We use the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure that the final design is comparable to the existing brand linked with a unit of soldiers for coins that feature team logos or mascots. A group of soldiers can share a special set of personalized military coins that are modeled after their unit’s patch or coat of arms.

References to the gear that soldiers use or carry are another popular element to incorporate into the design of special Army challenge coins. We’ve worked on coin designs for the Air Cavalry that have Apache helicopters pressed into the coin face, for the Army National Guard that features the traditional logo emblazoned on the coin face, and even for chemical warfare forces that use coins fashioned like gas masks.

We want to make every product an authentic piece of team history and a symbol of the camaraderie shared by soldiers as the leading Army coin maker available online. Understanding what sets your team apart from the competition is the key to deciding what will work best for your design. Army challenge coins always serve as a symbol of fidelity to the Corps, but they are most frequently used to recognize the unique qualities that distinguish a small unit of troops apart.

How to Start Making US Army Challenge Coins

It’s simple to get started on an Army challenge coin design by completing a free quote form and giving some background information about your team. For our clients’ quote forms, we built a special challenge coin template that gives them space to make comments about designs, draw out concepts, and choose specific choices like size, shape, metal plating, and bespoke edging.

There is no need for the coin template. Anything is acceptable, even hand-drawn sketches of unique designs and images of unit badges. Within 48 hours of receiving the completed form, our staff will generate your first complimentary proof of artwork.

Every design our Challenge Coins team participates in creating is intended to honor the service of our country’s heroes, whether it be a commander coin given out by a senior officer, a personalized bottle opener shared with squadmates, or a special Army coin carried as a symbol of fellowship and camaraderie. Give us a call right away to learn more about what makes Challenge Coins 4 U the greatest custom coin manufacturer available.

Using Challenge Coins 4 U to Create Custom Army Challenge Coins

Each and every Army challenge coin is a representation of valor, comradery, and success. Since the designs we assist in creating are a representation of a team’s character and past, we make every effort to guarantee the completed coins are of the finest caliber possible. Our team works with customers to design personalized unit coins, Army National Guard coins, and special forces coins for service members across the military.

The caliber of our goods and customer support reflect how much we take pride in our work. Every client gets free artwork and unlimited changes for the duration of their project, a 100% quality guarantee, and free shipping. See why we are regarded as the greatest free online coin creator by completing a free quote form right away.