We Are The Top Challenge Coin Maker

We Are The Top Challenge Coin Maker
December 14, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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Military challenge coins are our specialty. We really do enjoy working with our current service members, as well as vets. We understand their sacrifices that they have made. We are honored to work with all five branches of the US military, as well as other militaries around the globe. Challenge coins military are the best because usually it depends on the unit or battalion, and it is common to see different designs depending on the branch of service. We really enjoy the unique artwork we make for the Navy and Marine Corps. If you are not aware, a military unit coin is just a custom challenge coin with a military theme. For example, we recently designed a coin for some submariners in the US Navy, and it turned out to look really cool! The challenge coin was in the design of a submarine, and it had a 3D effect to it as well, but everyone on board that submarine really loved the work we did, and they had told all their friends and fellow sailors about us.

Another example we of custom military unit challenge coins is of one we did for some US Army Green Berets from the 75th Ranger Regiment based out of Fort Carson, Colorado. As everyone knows, green berets are the Army’s elite special forces, and they work side by side with the Navy Seals, as well as Air Force Pararesecue. So the design we had made for the rangers was their insignia, with their motto that says “de liber oppressor”. In English that translates to “to free from oppression”. The design was 2.5 inches wide, and in the shape of a 3D skull with two knives going through it, and the Ranger’s motto. They had ordered 200 of them, and we shipped them to Bagram air base in Afghanistan. Our company enjoys giving back to the community as well, which is why with every order, a percentage of each order gets donated to charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, or the charity of our customer’s choice. Of course we do what we enjoy as challenge coins make great gifts and keepsakes, and when service members retire from military service, each coin that is in their collection tells a story of a particular time in their career. We help inspire loyalty and we help commemorate events. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need. You can email us your requirements at sales@challengecoins4u.net or you can even call us at 844-270-0400. You can also fill out our quick quote form here, and if you need to see proof of awesome challenge coins, you can do that as well.

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