Challenge Coins Custom

Challenge Coins Custom
December 14, 2019 Kamil
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With us, it is easy to create your own coins. We walk you through every step of the way, from the initial artwork process, to making edits, and then making the final draft! Make your own coin in any shape, size, or design. So many possibilities exist to design a challenge coin, and that is why we are here to assist you in making your concept a reality. We can make everything from bottle opener challenge coins, and other custom made challenge coins such as with your company logo, unit insignia, or anything else. We have even made ones for weddings before! Whether it be in the form of a logo, a patch, or in the shape of an airplane, we have done it all, and we leave our customers happy and amused. Personalized challenge coins are always the way to go, and we specialize in that. Just because we work mostly with military doesn’t mean that we will not work with you. Corporate challenge coins make the perfect award for excellence, and it is something that helps to solidify a memory of a good time, and every time the recipient looks back at the coin, they will never forget. We have worked with companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Nike, Google, and smaller businesses as well such as gyms and martial art schools. While you are here, check out our portfolio!

For example, imagine hosting a sporting event, and you need a way to commemorate the event, and you want to impress your clients, sponsors, as well as your team. Create your own coin, well by working with us, we can help you crate a beautiful design that not only will look amazing on the computer, but will look even better in person. People usually think that custom challenge coins are meant for the military, when in fact the trend has made its way outside the armed forces and into the civilian world. Because veterans make a big difference influencing the world around them once they enter the work force and become business owners. This helps spread awareness surrounding the products that we make. The newest trend is for law enforcement personalized challenge coins, because as mentioned before, there are many police officers out there who are former armed forces, and they want to have something created to hand out to their fellow officers, whether its to trade with another police department, or to hand at a fundraiser. When you make your own coin, you are really making a personalized challenge coin. So go ahead and contact us today at to get started.

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