• 9/11 NYPD Coins

    In honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11, we made special coins for the NYPD and FDNY.

  • 4th Reconnaissance Company, 4th MARDIV Coin – Marine Corps

    These were large, 3″ marine corps coins we did for the 4th Force Reconnaissance Company, 4th MARDIV.

  • German Navy Coins

    Yes, we even do challenge coins for foreign militaries, especially for NATO allies! This one is a navy ship coin…

  • Lockheed Martin Challenge Coins

    Corporate challenge coins are big with military contractors too. In this case we made a coin of accomplishment for Lockheed…

  • Corporate Challenge Coins

    This particular custom challenge coin was made for veterans who work for American Airlines. Corporate challenge coins are catching on…

  • 3D Navy Ship Coins

    Another navy ship coin that we made for a Chief’s Mess.

  • Army Corps of Engineers Challenge Coins

    The US Army Corps of Engineers always gets many military challenge coins to hand out as awards of excellence. The…

  • Patriotic Challenge Coins

    This close up image is an example of a Veterans of Foreign Wars challenge coin that was created to give…

  • Governor Challenge Coins

    Challenge Coins are also popular with executive protection teams for governor’s mansions.

  • Marine Corps Challenge Coins – Marine Security Guard Detachment Coins

    There are US embassies all over the world. And where there is a US Embassy, you will find Marines on…