September 17, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)



Day of the Deployed is a day to glorify our armed forces and their families for their bravery. It is celebrated to acknowledge the sacrifice that they make by serving the country. The celebration happens uniquely. Supporters get personally involved and send care packages to armed personnel positioned overseas. Messages to encourage and improve morale are sent to the troops established at national borders and their family members at home.


Every year, the National Day of the Deployed is observed on October 26th.


Not only the military person, but the family is also making a whole lot of sacrifices by supporting their decision to join the armed forces. This day is their day.



Shelle Michaels Aberle established National Day of the Deployed in 2006. She approached Governor John Hoeven with the idea to have a day as a tribute to the deployed. Her cousin was the inspiration behind this idea, as he was deployed in Iraq from Germany. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the troop. It is his birthday that is regarded as Day of the Deployed. By acknowledging the proclamation of Ms Aberle, Governor Hoeven became the first Governor in the United States to accredit deployed troops formally.


Initially, it was only celebrated in North Dakota. Six years later, in 2012, it became a day of National importance.



The day is observed in the following ways –


  1. Sending care packages to the deployed troops and their families
  2. Sending messages of encouragement and hope
  3. Making donations to the military support organization
  4. Connecting with agencies that have programs to support deployed soldiers
  5. Displaying a yellow ribbon, signifying the memory of men and women serving far from home.
  6. Usage of the hashtag #DayOfTheDeployed in social media posts to increase awareness
  7. Connecting personally to a deployed friend or acquaintance.


There are other ways to celebrate this day, too. You can prepare a meal for the family of the deployed and assist them with minor household tasks. If you are skilled, you can help them fix their plumbing, or clean their gutters. Take them out for dinner, or throw a party for them. Muffins, cookies and other baked products are the best way to say “I care about you.” deliver baskets of baked goodies, or groceries. Take the kids of the military man or woman so that the spouse can relax. Offer to babysit. Military spouses need some “me” time as well.



With less than 40 days for National Day of the Deployed, try and find out precisely what you want your contribution to be. Army men (and women, of course) are doing a great thing that you and I aren’t. So, it is essential to let them know that their sacrifice is noted and the whole country is proud of them. This can be done personally or through social media. You can choose from the above-listed gestures to let the military family know that you care or you can think of something on your own, too. It doesn’t matter if the gesture is big or small or expensive or cheap. All that matters is the kindness that you shower and how heartfelt your gesture is.