Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Bottle Opener Challenge Coins
December 15, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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Bottle Opener Challenge Coins (And How Useful They Are)

If you look at the history of the armed forces, you’ll find examples of many traditions that promote unity and build camaraderie. While many of these traditions have come in and fizzled out over the past century, there are two that have endured to this day: drinking and challenge coins. And what do you get when you combine these two? The answer is bottle opener challenge coins.

While challenge coins started life as commemorative memorabilia, their use in the military has become much more nuanced today. In modern times, challenge coins aren’t only handed out as a token of appreciation, but they’re also exchanged by administrators almost like autographs and business cards that can be added to a collection.

The upshot of this is that challenge coins aren’t just exclusive to the armed forces anymore. They’ve broken into other institutions and the general civilian population, and the custom challenge coin industry is a large and thriving one today.

All of this brings us to bottle opener challenge coins. Like we stated above, the challenge coin industry has branched off into different directions, and these coins are no longer limited to being somber military memorabilia anymore. You can find all types of functional challenge coins today, such as ones you can wear, ones that can be used as miniature tools, and ones that you can open bottles with.

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Drinking and Challenge Coins: A Perfect Combo

Considering the origins and history of challenge coins, it’s surprising that it has taken so long for bottle opener challenge coins to emerge onto the scene. Challenge coins and drinking have been two of the most popular military traditions since the First World War.

While we don’t need to elaborate much on the tradition of drinking, the tradition of challenge coins started in World War I when members of a regiment were each presented with a coin. When a coin was shown by a soldier, it meant that everyone else in the vicinity had to present their coin as well. If someone lost their coin or didn’t have it on their person, they would have to buy everyone a round.

With bottle opener challenge coins, any collector who enjoys a cold one can now pop the top off their favorite brew with their coin. This new take on challenge coins expresses both sentiment and functionality.


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