The Best Military Challenge Coins Ranked

The Best Military Challenge Coins Ranked
December 15, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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The Best Military Challenge Coins: How Are They Ranked?

Do you know what happens when two or more military troops hit the bar?

Someone calls a “coin check” and whoever doesn’t have a coin on them has to pay for all the rounds of drink. The game can go on to make the one with the best coin choose what to drink and the one with the worst to cover the bill.

Are you wondering what defines best and worst in military challenge coins?

Live all the best things in life, military challenge coins are also ranked based on a variety of factors. Having an enthralling back-story and a compelling coin design are a few of the deciding factors. However, there are many other bases on which these coins are ranked.

Here is a quick briefing of what matters in the best military challenge coins.


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Store-bought Coins

Challenge coins aren’t a rarity that can’t be found in regular coin stores but the best challenge coins are. There’s no way you can find a truly valuable challenge coin on an unrecognized store on the street. They might have a regimental crest or installation marking but that’s it. To own something worthwhile, you need to find a reliable challenge coin distributor. On the rank list, such coins rank lowest.

Promotional Coins

Not as basic as store-bought coins, but promotional coins are still a conventional marketing gimmick. Since they’re meant to boost sales and create brand awareness, they do well in that field but not in military challenge coin rankings.

Unit Coins

This category of military challenge coins contains the largest variety and also a very valuable one. Since these coins came into being when a unit commander commissioned to get them made with their insignia engraved, they are reminiscent of memorable times. However, each unit is not at the same level. Here’s a hierarchy of military units (with the first being the best):

  1. Branch
  2. Divisional
  3. Brigade
  4. Battalion
  5. Company

General Officer Coins

Every officer in the army has a challenge coin made in their name. Their challenge coins are higher up in the hierarchy than those of the captain’s. However, attaining a general officer coin is not an easy feat. Only the most outstanding ones are bestowed with the honor of receiving one.

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