Challenge Coin Manufacturing

Challenge Coin Manufacturing
December 15, 2019 Ian Wilcox (CMC, US Navy, Ret.)
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How to Choose the Best Custom Challenge Coin Manufacturer

We can’t deny that alongside Challenge Coins 4 U, there are plenty of companies in our field that are just as talented as we are.

Nevertheless, the point stands that when choosing a company to have challenge coins made, the reason why customers choose us isn’t just because we offer reliable artistic talent or a full range of coin designs.

It is because to us, satisfying our customers’ expectations is the main priority, no matter how complex their order might be!


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We Focus on Quality

Your challenge coin is pretty much useless if it can’t even last a couple of decades. The best challenge coin company you choose has to deliver quality, not just in style and design but also through the material with which they make the coin. Not to mention the plating and enamel they use to make it stand out. Supreme craftsmanship and attention-to-detail is the name of the game.

We Don’t Limit Creativity

Sure, you won’t likely see a Van Gogh painting designed on the coin, but that’s only because the canvas isn’t big enough! Truth be told, we love a good challenge when it comes to styling and designs, which is also why many customers come back to us with more orders because our artists try their best and even offer their own ideas on what can make a coin more unique.

We Value Affordability

Gifting someone a challenge coin is a simple yet personal gesture of admiration and respect. But you can’t convey these emotions if all you’re thinking about is how expensive that coin was and how you’re going to get that money back. For our customers, we try to make our rates as affordable as possible. We put the spotlight on customer satisfaction rather than a lot of profit.

How Does All the Above Information Help?

When it comes to choosing the best challenge coin manufacturer, you want a company that gives you the best services and the best products. And that company could be us!

Challenge Coins 4 U is a reliable service that works out of Cheyenne, WY. Having been in the field since 2011, we’ve done our best to provide our clients with the services they deserve. Aside from pre-made designs, we also offer personalization services for those who want something different.

So if you want a challenge coin maker, we ask that you trust us with your custom challenge coin!

To get started, contact us at 1 844 270 0400!

Or email us at!